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free pussy riot

I HAD to do it – I HAD to, no choice. When I created this website Ai WeiWei was hot news, an artist whose work can on occasion seem pleasing, harmonious, on the innocuous side of controversial. As he triumphed with a UK hit show at the Tate Modern in , people like me travel [...]

A Few of my Favourite Things

Art sessions with patients at the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, Halifax Hospital Workshops began with upper body exercises, aiming to encourage big sweeping movements of each arm. Then a few games including my favourite “Ninja Housewife”. All warmed up those sweeping actions came in useful as the experimenting began. Rolling printing ink on perspex sheets, scraping, [...]

nirvana is waiting

  In January I began something I’ve wanted to do for many years – it seemed imperative to do it, without it desired transformation would be improbable. So, I began my BSc in Design & Innovation with The Open University. Many positives, a few minuses – actually I’m loving it and to date getting good [...]

Opening Doors

  hello peeps! would you like a look into my inner sanctum? a closer, more intimate view? i’ve been brave, bitten the bullet and agreed to do ‘open studios’. i hope visitors will also be brave and wander into my room. these souls will be able to see works in progress, archives, new work, my [...]

Those Shorts Are Horrible!

A return to the wonder and honour of films, many days worth of hours viewing and communicating with film makers from around the world (Brazil didn’t answer my calls!) and the result.. Mrs. Mill’s Horrible Shorts. 9 fantastic short films from the horror genre. The Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield kindly begged me to curate [...]


i’d like to shout about two wonderful tools i’ve been playing with recently. 1. FLIPBOOK Free, online, easy to use tool which allows you to create flipbook style animations. Here is my first attempt…     2. HARMONY An exceptional tool, also free and online. This allows you to doodle with much more [...]

oh my god!

No – I’m not complaining. I’m musing on life and the philosophy of being. I’ve been reading about the ancient philosophers. Not because I’m a smart-arse, but because the thinkings of these ye-olde-brains are the seeds of our contemporary concepts. Before we named the elements that make up the periodic table came the understanding that [...]

now hear this

“and now we take a swerve into a REALLY strange place…” The Lord cometh! The Lord  – my muse and husband releases a load on Exotic Pylon Records. To my ears this album is prime R3 Late Junction material, a mellow swerve from his previous release. Balinese gamalan and voice build layer upon layer to [...]

why Occupy?

  Some people have a way with words. Including my friend Yvonne Slater. Mrs. Mill has been employed on several projects organised by Yvonne, all impacting homeless, addicted & vulnerable people in the West Yorkshire area. The passion, professionalism and extra mile Yvonne puts in didn’t save her job.  There are too many cuts to [...]